Article: InCupaTrance / Noise

{becssg}InCupaNoise{/becssg}A bit of Noise, some hand made drums set and a projector remixed together for a nice evening of sperimentations. On the stage InCupaTrance, Mario Conte and Gianfranco Maiullari.

Also labeled: video, trailer, spot, StopMotion

Article: Max/Msp, Violin, Wii Sensor, Live Video

{youtube}LqZNeDGmgVY{/youtube} Max/Msp/Jitter in azione.

Also labeled: max/msp

Article: Saxofone Max/Msp

{youtube}5beEz1n5A6Y{/youtube} Il fanciullo non sà se suonare il braccio o il saxofono.

Also labeled: max/msp

Article: Nuove frontiere "Multi Touch Light Table"

{vimeo}13658956{/vimeo} Via Grazie Giovanni per la segnalazione.

Also labeled: max/msp

Article: Fine collection of curious sound objects

{vimeo}10173262{/vimeo} Alcuni esempi curiosi di Max Msp. Via Pixelsumo.

Also labeled: max/msp
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