Article: AMA Capsule

{vimeo}82447046{/vimeo} Client: AMA CAFFE  Agency: Optima Communication

Article: InCupaTrance / Noise

{becssg}InCupaNoise{/becssg}A bit of Noise, some hand made drums set and a projector remixed together for a nice evening of sperimentations. On the stage InCupaTrance, Mario Conte and Gianfranco Maiullari.

Also labeled: trailer, ispirazione, spot, StopMotion

Article: ReMurgia

{becssg}Remurgia{/becssg}{vimeo}40110630{/vimeo} Hello guys! Here we are. Nodecode working on! Here some backstage photos and the result of one month drawing and painting together. The promotional video for the new...

Also labeled: Illustration, StopMotion

Article: CicloNoleggio in Alta Murgia

{vimeo}27142374{/vimeo}Video promozionale per il progetto di "Mobilità dolce" e cicloNoleggio in Alta Murgia a cura Centro Studi Torre di ...

Also labeled: spot

Article: kitchen Mapping 2011

{vimeo}29253776{/vimeo}Video Mapping per lo stand di Maiullari Cucine alla Fiera del Levante, Bari 2011. Al progetto hanno...

Also labeled: mapping, trailer
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