InCupaTrance / Noise

InCupa_5436 InCupa_5439 InCupa_5447 InCupa_5452 InCupa_5455 InCupa_5466 InCupa_5491 InCupa_5515 InCupa_5518 InCupa_5520 InCupa_5525 InCupa_5529 InCupa_5539

A bit of Noise, some hand made drums set and a projector remixed together for a nice evening of sperimentations. On the stage InCupaTrance, Mario Conte and Gianfranco Maiullari.


Luoghi Comuni Promo


Here the Viral video for the Luoghi Comuni Festival.



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Hello guys! Here we are. Nodecode working on! Here some backstage photos and the result of one month drawing and painting together. The promotional video for the new album of Antonio Dambrosio Ensemble.


Spring is everywhere

The new commercial produced by Anima Pictures, a new multimedia production company based in Tirana. Nodecode made the editing and post. Client:Spring Water.



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